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Project: Engineering, procurement, construction, pre-commissioning, start-up and performance test of tanks and non-industrial buildings (EPC1)


Assaluye, Iran

Project Description

In the early 2008 another milestone in Navrood’s track record was about to happen, when the NASR consortium (A consortium from Navrood, Arya Pishro Gharn, Steam, and Radira companies) was awarded a contract to implement the storage tanks and non-industrial buildings of the phase 12 of South Pars Gas Field Development on an EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Pre-Commissioning, Start-up, and Performance Test) basis.
It was the first mega plant that was entirely constructed by Iranian contractors under the looming sanctions, and Navrood – as the leader of NASR consortium – is proud to be part of the elite team that made it happen.
A highly experienced and qualified management team was set up, and an efficient organization was devised to ensure a safe operational environment, strict quality assurance and control measures, and efficient communication line between all stakeholders. The plant was officially become operational in February 2015, producing and transporting 3 billion cubic feet of gas/day.

Scope of work

The scope of work mainly comprised of the main buildings, condensate tanks, fire station, diesel storage, chemical storage, substations, camps, water treatment plants, desalination units, drainage network, pavement, and so on.

Main figures

Concrete pouring: 50,000 m3
Formwork: 200,000 m2
Rebar: 5,000 tons
Steel structure (fabrication & installation): 3,000 tons
Condensate storage & export unit: 4 floating roof storage tanks, each– 80 m diameter, 26 m high– Capacity: Over 100,000 m3
Firefighting tanks each 36 m wide, and 20 m high
U/G & A/G piping: 150,000 inchdia
Camps: 50,000 m2
Non-industrial buildings: 24,000 m2
14” water transport pipeline: 10km
Water desalination units: 2, each having a capacity of 2500 m3/day
Water treatment units: 3, two having a capacity of 2500 person/day, and one for 3000 person/day
Drainage network: 153,000 m2
Landscaping: 100,000 m2
Paving: 4,500 m2

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