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Construction of Taft – Abar-kooh – Soormagh main road, lot 4, Taft ring-road and Bidestan variant


Yazd Province, Iran

Project Description

In 2006 Navrood was awarded a contract for the construction of the 4th lot of Taft – Abarkouh – Soormagh highway, the Taft ring road, and the Bidestan variant.
Taft – Abarkouh – Soormagh highway is one of the biggest highway projects in Yazd Province. Lot 4 – 31 km long – passed through rough, rugged terrain and involved over 4.5 million cubic meters of cut & fill work, over 170,000 m3 of explosion work, 181 sets of bridges in different sizes, having 17 spans over 10 m long, more than 75,000 m3 of concrete pouring and so on.

Scope Description

Construction of lot 4 of Taft–Abarkouh–Soormagh highway, 31 km long, and 4 lanes wide, the Taft ring road, and the Bidestan variant.
It involved all pertinent works such as earth works, sub-base, base and base, pavement, guardrails, road signs, and infrastructures.

Scope of work

Construction of a rural two-lane highway from Yazd ring road to the end of Taft ring road
Construction of infrastructures and technical buildings
Installation of guard rails, signs, and safety signs
Main Figures
• Excavation: 3,212,692 m3
– 943,652 m3 in soft soil
– 2,221,087 m3 in hard soil
– 47,953 m3 in rock
• Explosion: 170,850 m3
• Fill: 1,408,529 m3
• Sub-base: 157,210 m2
• Base: 142,780 m3
• Pavement: 83,792 tons
• Concrete pouring: 75,800 m3
• Formwork: 123,100 m2
• Rebar: 1306 tons
• Bridges: 181 sets (with 17 spans over 10 m long)

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